The list below describes search criteria, along with tips on how to search most effectively.

Name: enter the fund name in full or in part in this field. For best results, select one or two key words. For example, if you are looking for Fortis L Fund — Bond Corporate High Yield USD CAP, choose two consecutive words such as "bond corporate" or "high yield".

Currency: currency in which the fund unit is quoted. Click on money to select a currency. Repeat to select another. To delete a currency, click on the red line — behind it.

Issuer: fund promoter


Economic sector: sector in which the fund invests


ISIN: code identifying the security. The ISIN code is the fastest way to locate a specific fund, since it will take you directly to full details on that fund.


Geographical area: country or region in which the fund invests


Asset class: fund components — shares, bonds, cash, mixed, etc.


Dividend policy: refers to whether a fund reinvests or distributes dividends


Risk: funds are ranked by risk level from 0 (very low risk) to 6 (very high risk)


Investment horizon: recommended length of investment, or period over which you do not expect to need the money invested

Once you have entered your search criteria, click on “Search”. For the full list of funds, click on “Full list”.
The results of your search will appear at the bottom of the screen. For greater reading comfort, click on image, and the menu at the top of the screen will disappear. Click on the same icon to reactivate the menu.
You can also refine your search results. To do this, click on filter and enter its code in one of the fields that appears. Only results corresponding to that particular criterion will appear.