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The use of this tool is in no way binding on BGL BNP Paribas with regard to the settings used for the simulation. The simulations generated cannot be considered a loan offer and/or approval. The Bank wishes to draw attention to the fact that a home loan agreement may potentially be guaranteed by a mortgage, by another equivalent form of security on residential property or by a right relating to a residential property. Possible fluctuations in the exchange rate are likely to affect the amount owed by the consumer.


Example: for an amortised mortgage intended for the purchase of a main residence of EUR 300,000, fully disbursed in a single sum, repayable over 20 years, at a fixed interest rate of 1.80%, the borrower will repay 240 monthly instalments of EUR 1,494.63 (excluding optional insurance). Fixed annual effective interest rate: 1.89% per annum (subject to paying income into an account held at our bank and taking out credit protection insurance with Cardif Lux ie). Total amount owed by the borrower: EUR 359,711.20 including a single advance commission of EUR 1,000, with the account holding fee and administrative fees offered free of charge.


The above example is provided for information purposes only and cannot be considered a loan offer and/or approval. The Bank is not liable for this example or for any decisions made based on this example.


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