When you're young, it's difficult to imagine yourself in 10, 20 or30 years' time... This is why BGL BNP Paribas offers you solutions that allow you to live for the moment at the same time as preparing for your future.


The Youth Savings Account with a preferential interest rate is the ideal solution if you want to save while still being able to access your money in case of unforeseen circumstances! The Youth Savings Account offers attractive remuneration compared with a traditional savings account as well as immediate access to your money; you can make deposits or withdrawals at any time and you get free monthly statements and access to Web Banking to view your account.


The Home Savings package is an attractive savings plan that allows you to build capital with a view to taking out a mortgage loan at a preferential rate over an agreed term.


Easinvest is a savings solution whereby you make regular payments into a Group mutual fund, allowing you to save for your future. You determine the amount to invest and the funds in which you want to invest it! Easinvest is the ideal solution if you want to save for your future plans but still enjoy access to your money at any time.