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What is a Token used for?Distance banking

Why should I subscribe to tax-deductible products since I have a modest income?Cross-border commuters

I have two children; how much can I deduct?Taxation

How do I contact my adviser?Distance banking

Can a cross-border commuter subscribe to all Luxembourg bank products?Cross-border commuters

Is there a solution that offers me the option to begin paying off my home loan or personal loan in small instalments?Young professionals

How do I know if I can deduct something from my tax?Taxation

Are there secured investment options to prepare for my child's future?Children

If it's too much for me to pay back, will you tell me?Personal loan

Is it still possible to find investments that are secure and profitable?Investments

If I invest my money, can I still access it if I need to?Investments

I am a Luxembourg business person, so why choose a bank belonging to an international group?Expertise of BNP Paribas Group

If an investment is too risky, will you let me know?Investments

At what age should I start saving?High School Students

What do I need to do to benefit from SEPA European Direct Debits?Daily banking

If I go away to study abroad, do I need to take out additional insurance?Students

Can I get a rental security deposit for a home abroad?Students

Why does it take so long from the moment I submit a financing application until the funds are released?Professionals and businesses

If I stop working in Luxembourg, will I lose all of the benefits of my retirement plan?Cross-border commuters

What is the execution deadline for an electronic transfer from a current account in Luxembourg to a current account in France?Cross-border commuters

To pay my bills in France, can I set up a direct debit from my Luxembourg account?Cross-border commuters

I have received my customer number, but what is it for?Daily banking

When I'm abroad, will I have to pay a fee every time I withdraw money?Daily banking

As a cross-border commuter, am I obliged to complete a tax declaration in Luxembourg?Cross-border commuters

Is it really only interest rates that count for a loan?Property loan

Do you have dedicated savings products for my children?Children

How do I do my banking when I finish work late?Daily banking

I will be a student next year. How can I finance my studies?Students

I need to pay for my studies. Can you help me with this?Students

Your first rental payment, agency fees, damage deposit, etc. - setting up home for the first time is not always easy. Can you help me with these expenses?Students

How much does a current account cost?High School Students

What is the BGL BNP Paribas BIC?Distance banking

I already have a mortgage but now I need a car. Can I take out a second loan?Personal loan

What are my best options to prepare for retirement?Insurance

I don't always have Internet access. Can I carry out my operations by telephone?Daily banking

How can I pay for their education?Insurance

I'm only young, but do you think I should already be thinking about my (financial) future?Students

What if I'm thinking about passing on my estate now?Investments

I have Web Banking, so do I still need to go to the branch?Daily banking

Can I use my bank card to pay in all shops?High School Students

What are the benefits of SEPA Direct Debits system for individuals?Daily banking

Is it true that no Luxembourg bank will grant mortgages to a cross-border commuter?Cross-border commuters

How do I manage risks linked to my investments abroad?Professionals and businesses

How do I access my accounts on line?Distance banking

Can I also carry out all my banking operations on my smartphone?Daily banking

I would like to buy a business, can you help me fund this project?Professionals and businesses

What is a Customised Current Account?Daily banking

I want to invest responsibly - who can help me?Private banking

Are internet payments really secure?Daily banking

Is my games console insured against theft?Insurance

What do I do if my clients are late with their payments?Professionals and businesses

If you can help me to buy a vehicle, can you help me to pay for my driving licence?Young professionals

What can I deduct from my tax return?Taxation

Do you also offer a fixed rate for my mortgage?Cross-border commuters

Is it really a good idea to invest in property for my retirement?Property loan

You only advance loans to well-established businesses, never to start-ups... Why?Professionals and businesses

And if I want to invest abroad, who can help me with that ?Private banking

Life insurance, pension plan, home savings... Can you help me understand all this?Investments

As an individual, do I have all the benefits of banking with an international group?Expertise of BNP Paribas Group

I would like to open my own dental surgery but I have limited capitalProfessionals and businesses

With the crisis, do you still lend to small businesses?Professionals and businesses

Can I open an account without going to the bank in person?Distance banking

What is phishing ?Distance banking

I'm interested in export, but how can I be sure my new clients are reliable?Professionals and businesses

Can you help young people with a personal loan?Personal loan

How do I handle foreign currencies certain clients use to pay me?Professionals and businesses

It looks like some products are tax-deductible. Is that really the case?Investments

Is it possible to save to accumulate wealth?Savings

How much do I have to put down to buy a flat?Property loan

What are the advantages of a life insurance policy?Savings

I would like to file a tax return even though I don't earn very much.Taxation

What is the SEPA?Daily banking

Does an international bank transfer from a Luxembourg account to an account in France/Belgium/Germany cost more than a national bank transfer?Cross-border commuters

What is the BIC used for?Distance banking

If I invest in a savings product for my child, can I deduct the amount invested from my income taxes?Children

Can I rely on you if I suffer a major setback?Personal loan

I need a cash reserve available all times so as not to miss out on opportunities.Professionals and businesses

It looks like some products are tax-deductible, is that right?Young professionals

If I decide to complete a tax declaration in Luxembourg, will I have to pay money to the Luxembourg tax authorities?Cross-border commuters

Now that I'm working, are there fees attached to my current account?Young professionals

Are you concerned if my account is overdrawn?Personal loan

Do I have to take out credit life insurance on my loan?Insurance