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The bank for a changing world
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We’re here for you

In response to the COVID-19 pandemic, we are following the Luxembourg government’s recommendations for protecting our clients and staff. We are therefore prioritising remote contact.

With our digital solutions, you can carry out your banking operations from anywhere by using the Web Banking service or calling our Client Service. In order to continue to offer the best possible service and respond to urgent requests, some of our branches remain open by appointment only.

Financial hardship due to the crisis

If your income falls as a result of the crisis, you may find yourself with cashflow issues or unable to make monthly loan repayments. But help is at hand! For example, you may be able to suspend your loan repayments for six months if you meet certain conditions.

If you're experiencing temporary financial difficulties, please get in touch with us so that we can find solutions tailored to your circumstances.

Access to BGL BNP Paribas banking services

With our digital solutions, you can take care of your banking business wherever you want.

applications Access your bank online

Transfer money, view your account statements, check your balance? From the comfort of your home, with peace of mind? It’s simple, quick and secure with our Web Banking service on your smartphone, tablet or computer. 24/7.
Feel free to read our online guide to the features available in our Web Banking for information on how to find your bank account details, activate 3D Secure, make transfers, and more.

telephone Do you have a practical or urgent question?

The bank’s Client Service can be reached on 42 42-2000. We’re available Monday to Friday from 8am to 6pm. With identification, all general banking matters can be handled, and help with any other requests provided. You can also contact us via secure message on our Web Banking service.


Branches available by appointment

For general banking matters, we encourage you to continue prioritising online banking. For any other request, you can make an appointment at one of our branches by contacting:

  • your account manager,
  • our Client Service on (+352) 42 42-2000.

The following branches are open to appointments between 9.00 am and 12.00 pm: Diekirch, Dudelange, Esch Centre, Ettelbruck, Gare, Grand-Rue, Grevenmacher and Remich.

Card payments

In order to avoid any contact with notes and coins, we advise you to pay using your bank card in stores:

  • All our cards offer contactless payments: for purchases of less than EUR 50, no PIN code is required (up to EUR 100 a day). For larger transactions or if you exceed this daily limit, you’ll need to enter your usual PIN code.
  • You can also make quick, contactless payments from your iPhone with Apple Pay.
We are here for you, adapting constantly to any changes in the situation. Please check our site regularly for the most up-to-date information.