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The bank for a changing world
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Diversity and inclusion

Every culture is diverse and the corporate culture of the BNP Paribas Group in Luxembourg is no exception. We believe that every member of staff is unique, and has a commitment to clients and society at large.

In giving a mouthpiece to some of these employees, we wanted to highlight their diversity. This is a strength and is something that should be developed.

The stories below are personal testimonies.

Fabrice Schott's story

My name’s Fabrice Schott, I’m 39 and I have two sons. I’ve been a cross-border worker since 2006 and occupied various roles within the bank. I’ve been part of Corporate Trust Operations since 2012, which is the team that looks after issuers of international and structured debt.

We are individually responsible for changing our habits

In 2015/2016, I was one of the first men to take part-time parental leave, which allowed me to complete a self-built wooden extension to my house. The end of this fantastic project in May 2016 led to us setting ourselves a family challenge of reducing our waste.

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