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icone pret immobilier
Finance your projects

Your real estate project

  • A  full range of financing solutions;
  • Fixed, variable or adjustable interest rates;
  • Turn your home ownership dream into a reality.
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icone pret personnel
Finance your projects

Your personal project

  • Three different solutions depending on your needs.
  • An amortising personal loan, a line of credit or a cash reserve.
  • Finance unexpected expenses, a project or an important acquisition.
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icone pret auto
Finance your projects

Your new car

  • a comprehensive range of financing solutions;
  • tools to help you calculate your budget;
  • Hit the road with complete confidence.
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icone pret etude
Finance your projects

Your student loan

  • CEDIES student loan and preferential student credit.
  • An attractive offer and flexible repayment plan.
  • Pursue your studies stress-free.
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Offer subject to terms and conditions and approval of your application by the bank.